Quality is the spice of life.

Our team of experts search for the best flavors, textures and aromas from all over the world. We blend and pack them into all of our spices and flavors.

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Column 1 Background Image Spice.

We can pack in PET bottles, cans, foodservice jugs, pails, totes, tins and various sized packets and pouches.

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Column 2 Background Image Liquid Blending & Packing.

We specialize in packing various liquids in glass or PET bottles, jars or jugs.

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Column 3 Background Image Baking Products.

We can pack/bottle products like flavor extracts, baking powders, decorations, nut pieces and food colorings.

If you’re looking for a custom blend or to match a desired specification, including organic, we can exceed your dry ingredient needs.

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When you use only the best ingredients, the flavor always shines through. We control the entire process from sourcing, to grinding, to blending and finally, packaging. You can always be sure the quality is second to none.

Quality Focused